Intense pain in the anus and bleeding are some of the main symptoms of haemorrhoids. Several tips are given by specialists to sufferers to relieve the pain associated with these diseases. Read in this article three recommendations to reduce the effects of this disease.

The sitz bath

You have probably heard of this commonly recommended natural remedy. The sitz bath is a method used to relieve hemorrhoids. This method cools the anal area and is also an anti-inflammatory to combat hemorrhoids. This local relief is due to the vasoconstrictive action produced by the sitz bath.

In addition, in order to benefit from the advantages of this technique, it is necessary to spend at least a quarter of an hour in this bath. Also, to reinforce the effect of this method, certain products can be added to the bath, such as celandine and bistort.

As a complementary treatment, cold sitz baths provide local relief due to their vasoconstrictive, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. A decoction of two plants, bistort and lesser celandine, which are astringent due to their high tannin content, can be added to the bath to enhance the effect of the cold. These plants are sold in herbalist shops.

Horse chestnut


Horse chestnut is one of the natural remedies recommended to relieve hemorrhoids. It targets the haemorrhoidal veins and acts there to soothe the pain felt. Thanks to the vasoconstrictive properties of this plant, the hemorrhoidal veins relax, which helps relieve the anal part of the pain.

Indeed, horse chestnut requires a good use to have very positive effects. It is used orally. It must be extracted in the form of capsules, and also dry. It is to be taken morning and evening in case of crisis. It is recommended to take 400mg or three teaspoons. But for people suffering from kidney failure, they can abstain from this plant. The same applies to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Use essential oils

Among the recommendations for soothing haemorrhoids are some important oils. Three oils are essential to relieve your haemorrhoidal pain. There is the essential oil known as lavender aspic. Its virtues allow it to counteract inflammation and promote healing. For cypress oil, not only are they anti-inflammatory, they have venoconstrictive properties.

As for peppermint oil, its effects are vasoconstrictive and analgesic.