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Relaxation to regain well-being


For optimum well-being and Zen living, you must manage and regulate your emotions, anxiety and stress. To do this, it is possible to influence your mind and the way you approach life with exercises and relaxation methods. Relaxation can take different forms, from deep breathing to meditation, reflexology and sophrology. When practiced regularly, relaxation teaches us to listen to our body, our emotions and our mind. It can even allow us to modify our negative patterns and settle down in a lasting well being.


The benefits of hearing aids


The hearing system is an extremely complex mechanism that allows us to hear words and sounds. Therefore, a hearing problem can quickly isolate you from your surroundings and deprive you of the best moments of life. In fact, over time, our hearing diminishes and we perceive high-pitched sounds less and less well. The purpose of hearing aids is to allow the brain to distinguish words and sounds that have become inaudible again. They are a bridge between your sound environment and your brain.

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Why should you use the French clay shampoo?

Why should you use the French clay shampoo?

The French clay shampoo is an excellent powdery substance that adds to skin beauty. This is a clay type that is mined from Montmorullion, a town in France. However, recent types of this clay have been extracted from several towns in China, America, and Europe. If you...

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How to treat a mental illness ?

How to treat a mental illness ?

You have a mental disorder that has been bothering you for a long time. But you don't know how to leave under this burden. There are very effective treatments that can help you deal with your mental illness for good. Improve your health through clean tips for mental...

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Some tips to relieve haemorrhoids

Intense pain in the anus and bleeding are some of the main symptoms of haemorrhoids. Several tips are given by specialists to sufferers to relieve the pain associated with these diseases. Read in this article three recommendations to reduce the effects of this...

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Synthetic human skin

Healthy discoveries

A team of bio-engineers from around the world has managed to discover a group of polymers that can be transplanted to the human body: given their incredible adaptability, they have been compared to the chameleon’s skin. In addition, these polymers significantly reduce the risk of inflammation and rejection.