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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Dr. Morag Park
awarded the prestigious
Robert L. Noble Prize
Dr. Nahum Sonenberg
honoured by the
Canada Foundation for Innovation
Dr. Nicole Beauchemin
recognized by Québec Science’s
“Découverte de l’année 2016 – Prix du public”

Who We Are

The Goodman Cancer Research Centre is a recognized world-class research centre, contributing to innovative developments in the treatment and ultimately the cure for cancer.

This state of the art Centre has energized cancer research at McGill, attracting internationally–renown investigators. These are exciting times, with an unprecedented collaboration between clinicians and basic scientists with the shared goal of investigating the nature of cancer and metastatic disease; working together to innovate, discover and develop new treatments for cancer patients.

What We Do

Image courtesy of Andrea Prota and Michel Steinmetz ( Paul Scherrer Institut)

A major advancement for microtubule targeting agents at the GCRC:
Unique mechanism for vinca site tubulin binding drug DZ-2384 without neurotoxicity 
This study, published in Science Translational Medicine, was led by Drs. Anne Roulston and Gordon Shore and includes as collaborators GCRC members Drs. Peter Siegel and George Zogopoulos as well as several international labs. More...

BIOWORLD INSIGHT interviews Dr. Gordon Shore  of the GCRC
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Our Stories

The Goodman Cancer Research Centre is more than just a leading-edge research facility—it’s also a community. Trainees, researchers, volunteers and donors each play a role in advancing cancer research. Find out more about the faces of the Centre in our latest campaign, #gcrcinaction.

Michel L Tremblay, PhD, James McGill Professor,  GCRC
Wide-Reaching Impacts

Sylvain Renzi, Gala Fundraising Team member,President, ImportFab Inc.
In Our Backyard

Julie St-Pierre, PhD, Associate Professor,  GCRC
Fueling research

Jin Yong Patrick Park, Master's student, GCRC
Passion and patients


The Goodman Cancer Research Centre’s team of world-renowned scientists are making key advances in unlocking the mysteries of some of the most prevalent forms of cancer, including those of the breast, prostate, pancreas, lung and colon. While advancing their own unique area of expertise, each team member collaborates extensively with other scientists at McGill, provincially, nationally, and internationally. This team approach provides an enriched perspective and a unique environment for training the next generation of scientists.

Goodman Scientists and Their Work

Dr. George Zogopoulos

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Dr. George Zogopoulos

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Gastrointestinal cancer genetics

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Phone: (514) 398-2636

Alive thanks to innovative research

Serges Bériault’s life changed in 2012, when he was diagnosed with a bile duct cancer of the liver. The father of two children and active professional finishing an MBA never thought an army of specialists at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) would get him through a complex and innovative research protocol that saved his life.

Read the inspirational account of Dr. Zogopolous' remarkable treatment of his patient, Serges Bériault, and the impact of innovative research.

The Heart of Giving

Individuals play a vital role in helping the Goodman Cancer Research Centre achieve its mission. Our progress would not be possible without the involvement of the community. From the Gala to the annual Défi Canderel Run, the fundraising endeavours help make our work -- and breakthroughs -- possible. Please consider offering your support whether through your time, financial contributions or by in-kind giving.