Hallett001 Position:


Affiliation: Director/PI, McGill-CIHR Training Program in Systems Biology
Director, McGill Centre for Bioinformatics
Full Member, Goodman Cancer Research Centre
Associate Professor, School of Computer Science
Associate Member, Department of Biochemistry


Bellini Building 
3649 Prom. Sir William Osler, Room 434
Montreal, Quebec

Tel: 514-398-5928
Fax: 514-398-3387


1)    The analysis of breast cancer profiles in mouse models and in humans.
In particular, his group is involved in several studies to analyze high-throughput profiles (gene expression, epigenetic, microRNA) in both mouse models of breast cancer and the human disease. For example, one of their primary goals is to identify genes or small gene sets that are predictive of patient outcome, response to therapy, or disease progression. These genes or gene sets can be developed into clinical-applicable devices that assist in the determination of patient therapy.

2)    The development of new bioinformatics tools.
The team is also interested in the development of new bioinformatics tools that provide global perspective of the dynamics of the disease. For example, they use bioinformatics to identify sets of genes that stratify the patient population into distinct groups. These groups reflect different types of breast cancer and each subtype may require a distinct therapeutic regime. They are particularly interested in investigating how differences in the tumor microenvironment (the area around the tumor) hinder or help the progression of a tumor. These signals may also be used by clinicians to assist in assigning patient treatment.


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